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Conference Photographer Services

Why do Lifetime offer the best conference photographer services

Getting great photography of all your key speakers is important to you, and of course to us, so to enable this, we have invested heavily in the necessary lenses and modern camera bodies that are ideally suited to the often variable lighting scenarios encountered in the UK’s conference venues.


We hope the selection of photographs you will see here speak for themselves, but we can offer much more than just the “run-of-the-mill” conference photographer. If you are having more than just a conference, we can offer coverage of:

Also, as is often with annual conferences and dinners, there may be awards during the evening and award photography is also possible with printing of images for the award winners if required. Our client list consists predominantly of national organisations, but we also work with many smaller and local organisations, businesses and charities that need the services we offer. We are able to cover your event wherever it is in the UK through having fully experienced photographers available for your events, and prices we quote include any travel and subsistence costs, so no nasty surprises! Email or call for a quote – 25% discount for 2 days or more. In fact, we even have even worked in Europe, so if your event is not in the UK, just ask for a quote!

We can produce corporate photography for you to use for your corporate branding, website, Annual Report or just general publicity by attending with a suitable background and studio lights, to produce images such as this one here of a Director. We don’t mind if you have a dozen directors that want this portrait photography service!


more coming soon please contact us on 07500 400 480 for more information on our various conference photographer services available…..