Have a walk in portrait studio..and a photobooth at the same time!

Free prom photography – A Lifetime service

Looking for something special for your prom? 

Take a look at our options to make your prom photographer package burst with excitement, fun and memories!

Go on…How much??

 Now that is a great question and deserves a great answer! we have loads of offerings, Here is a summary of what options there are from my prom photography package?

Roaming photographer

£350-great fun!

  • Starts at £350
  • Fun interactive photographer
  • Unlimited photos
  • live streaming to screens around the prom
  • Upload to facebook, straight after pic taken!
  • Print station
  • All images supplied on disk

On site portrait studio

£free-too good to be true!

  • Starts at free!
  • Lights camera action
  • Prop box
  • Free printing for your guests
  • photographer present to take photos
  • upload to facebook
  • Large prints
  • stream to screen around the venue



  • Starts at £free
  • Booth butler in attendance
  • unlimited printing all night
  • no time limit
  • large prints
  • prop box
  • live streaming to screens around the venue
  • upload to facebook
  • online gallery
  • large photobooth can ‘sit’ up to 15
  • SMS option now
  • Email capture


- varies-get it all!

  • roaming photographer
  • photobooth
  • onsite studio
  • facebook upload of everything!
  • streaming to screens
  • the options are endless
  • give us a call!

How can we offer services for free. 

Firstly we can offer certain free services in conjunction to you purchasing other services.

Secondly we ca offer it all for free, but you’ll have to contact us and call us in for a meeting, for that information to be shared.

We have packages that enable us to offer completely free solutions to schools.

More info: 

A roaming photographer consists of one or more of our photographers walking around your venue taking candids and more importantly fun interactive portraits of you and your guests. This photographer also carries a ipad for guests to see the picture, have it printed, upload it to facebook or simply have it emailed to tthemselves there and then. 
a studio set up in a corner with a photographer and a print operator.
A photobooth for your guests to have their image taken. 

Are you eligible for FREE prom photography?

We do have certain criteria in order to enable us to give you FREE prom photography. so click this button, get in contact, and we'll keep our fingers crossed we can offer you our free service.

Free setup

What ever package or offering you go for...our set up is free...

Great entertainment

Our service is based on getting a job done, photographing your prom. But in addition to that we want to be part of the entertainment, have fun and produce amazing photos that will make the party last long into the future

Cheap affordable solutions

We have services from free! but on top of that our photobooth and other offerings are at a price and service level that will make your event stand out. Admittedly we aren't always the cheapest, but we don't let down. we employ the best staff and assistants to ensure that the job is done efficiently, and with fun!