We are Lifetime.

We offer creative solutions for every event you can think of. We take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and love. We are passionate about the experience of using Lifetime from a birthday party to a corporate product launch, we can provide happy memories to mass marketing concepts, leveraging social media platforms.

Lifetime Event Photography | About Us

Lifetime Event Photography is a full-service creative solutions agency specialising in photography. We cater to private, commercial, and corporate clients, covering all types of small and large events such as weddings, corporate get-togethers, parties, campaign events, conferences, and more. With more than 10 years of experience in event photography, we have exactly what it takes to offer the best event photography solutions.
Our professional photographers are extremely talented and passionate. We strive to provide the best level of service – one that pleases our clients and keeps their guests happy. We use state of the art technology and camera equipment to provide high-end photography that is not limited by anything.

Our Services

We specialize in photography but our services surpass conventional photography. We are able to delivery various solutions for our clients, catered to their specific needs. Our additional bespoke event photography services include:

  • Natural reportage documentation of corporate events and occasions
  • Campaign-style photography to showcase your company in the best light
  • Full mobile studios to offering on-site printing
  • Photo booth hire to make your event unique and entertaining for guests
  • Marketing concepts using social media to help corporate clients gain exposure on social media

In a nutshell, we offer all kinds of bespoke event photography solutions to our clients.

We work closely with each client to understand their individual requirements and then optimize our services to meet their expectations.
Our photography is not limited in any way – we can provide photography that captures happy moments, photography that a business can use for promotion, and everything in between. Our services are defined by infinite imagination – we are, after all, Lifetime.
Got a creative solution for photography that you’d like for us to cover? Contact us today to discuss it with us – we’d be happy to accommodate you!