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Whether for corporate marketing use, or a party in the local community centre Lifetime photo booths are ready to ensure your event is a success. Photo booth hire in London and the whole of the UK

Our photo booth hire’s come with a very important ingredient, our very own fun, entertaining Booth Butlers.

Our photo booths are perfect for any environment, inside or out. We can fully brand it for corporate events, and cover any type of request you may have.

Why book Lifetime photo booths?We offer a full photobooth services to your event. We differ from other suppliers in the following ways:

Booth Butlers;

Our Booth Butlers work on  the Photo Booth to entertain your guests and make sure they use and enjoy the booth to the maximum effect. Other companies set up and leave you to it.

Superior Lighting:

We pride ourselves on superior lighting at our booth, no dark or underexposed images. Ensuring you and your guests are shown at their best!

Complete solution

We can provide branded booths, props, memory books, social media sharing, greenscreen backdrops, all the bells and whistles to make your event work amazingly.

Marketing concepts

We have concepts to help with your event, whether your aim is to market a company or product or to make a party or conference go with a swing! just ask!

Unlimited time

We offer our booths with unlimited time that evening. We do not pack up half way through your night, and we entertain right to the end of your function.

Open Booths:

We can fit more people into our booths (up to around 15+ people!) Open Booths allow everyone to see the action, thus making it more of an experience to everyone. It allows our Booth Butlers to interact with your guests such as helping with poses, props and making it a more fun experience.

How does it work?

Your booth butler will set up, maintain and run the booth during your hire. He doesn't just leave the booth there, he works in the booth to pose, laugh, joke and generally entertain your guests throughout the evening. He ensures the booth is full, and used the best way.

Unlimited everything!

We are unlimited UNLIMITED TIME! no 3 hour booking slot like other companies UNLIMITED PRINTS This means that not only do every shoot session get a print, but they are uploaded to our password protected galleries for your guests to download their picture and print as often as they want! UNLIMITED FUN! We provide the booth, the props, the Butler, and that is enough to guarantee you an amazing experience, with unlimited fun!

What's so good about Lifetime booths?

We plan everything, from graphics on the overlay, to the branding on the photo booth if required. We look at your theme and what you are celebrating/promoting and ensure we slip nicely into your look and feel! We have dedicated designers working on using your logo or designs to match our booth prints to your event. We organise everything, set up and the action on the night, and then ..sadly...we organise the take down of the booth :(

Branding for your event

We can brand everything we do from the prints to the booth itself..and even the Booth Butlers can have a make over all for you! We can have logo walls, we can use green screen to suit your theme....just let us know your vision, and we'll create the right look for your event.

photo booth hire london
photo booth hire

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