We offer comprehensive SERVICESfor your photography needs.

Whatever your event Lifetime can provide the photography services to give your event the WOW factor.

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  • We work hard to ensure that your event is memorable and everyone enjoys our services.
  • We have people involved in marketing, graphic design, social media, concept design, all ready to make your requirements a reality.
  • Our photographers are not your typical, staid photographers, we are outgoing enthusiastic passionate photographers.
  • We provide everything, and can even suggest other non photographic means to make your event buzz.

Roaming Photography

Roaming Photography.
This includes photographing for lifestyle events or promotional uses, Weddings, parties conferences, whatever your event having photographers covering it is essential for creating a buzz and making your event memorable.
We supply roaming photographers to the following events and more!
Award ceremonies
Fashion shoots

just to name a few!
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PR & Marketing photography


As well as roaming photography, we provide ideas and concepts to take marketing events to the next level. Harnessing Social media and peoples increasing desire to share data, we can help your company, product or organisation raise awareness, fund raise or just build a customer base..

We help you raise awareness of your event, company, o product, on social media platforms. Live streaming of evens online via our booths, roaming photographers and other activities, ensure a great following.
We can come up with competitions, vouchers and other such concepts to drive traffic to your business.

Corporate Photography


This involves photographing for promotional uses, To build a positive impact on your clientèle. However, the use is not always promotional. Many corporates consider a photo shoot for their employees and facilities for internal reports Public Relations, recruiting, and many other uses.

Party Photography


Whether your event is a promotional event, a birthday, reunion, religious celebration, Black Tie event, or any of the myriad of events happening all the time in the UK, lifetime has a service and expertise to provide for it.



Photo booths suit any event, any time! We provide photo booths for all events:
birthday, reunion, religious celebration, Black Tie event, or any of the myriad of events happening all the time in the UK,

School Photography


We have a specialist school photography department. We can do prospectus shoots through to your portraits and year shots. We have prom photography packages the lot.

Our Services

We offer photography services to individuals, families, clubs and organisations.

On top of that we offer our services to event managers, companies and corporates looking for branding and marketing concepts to being their products to market.

We cover everything, from parties to product launches.


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