Photography MarketingCampaign

How to do a photography marketing campaign

How to do a marketing campaign with photography.

Photography marketing campaigns are a good way to interact with any audience, offline at events, or online via social networking activities.

With our bespoke software, professional photography solutions and social networking knowhow we show you how to do a marketing campaign.

We have a team of designers,marketing experts, software developers who produce concepts and campaigns to increase awareness of your brand.  We meet with you and build activities around your ideal outcomes for your campaign.

Firstly you need to know 3 things;

1: What product, event, service, company you are promoting.


2: What’s your target audience ( if you dont already have a location or event to market at


3: What is the final result you wish for from us to have a successful campaign.


Photography marketing can achieve many results, new customers is what everybody wants, but in what way. through word of mouth, social networks, competitions, vouchers and free passes, etc.


We can turn your wishes into reality via our viral marketing concepts, and photographic services. We take your answers to the above 3 questions and turn them into a photographic marketing concept.

We look for the right venue for your marketing target audience, and then discuss how we take that audience and make something that will promote and capture your product to those people.


 Photography Concepts

Concepts include sponsored photo booths with free printing, and social media uploads, spreading the word your word.

We are creating a new company called Booth Butler where more information will be available.


If you want photography marketing ideas, photography marketing campaigns  then uSEEme are the people to contact. We have contacts and concepts to bring your requirements to life.

uSEEme photography marketing campaigns work with your product, service or event and turn guests into customers. We have many different aspects such as on site greenscreen advertorial photography for guests to get involved and to share their experience to alll their friends family and others.

We have reports on previous campaigns to show you the success of our activities. just call a meeting to start the discussion and we will show you everything we have.