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Photo booth Marketing

Photo booth marketing is a new concept in the UK and Europe, and we are experts in it.

Lifetime Event Photography have new concepts in how to turn visitors into marketeers for you. With our photo booth marketing concepts you can change simple prints into powerful social media tools.

We have created a business out of photography marketing. with many new emerging technologies and old familiar popular ones we can provide the tools you need to for data capture, social media spread, fundraising, or any target you might have…all via our photography services.

We have a new business called where you can see some concepts. you will see plenty o things here to get you excited and phoning us though!

Our services can help in the following areas and others


  • Exhibition marketing – Create interactive fun element on your stand to attract customers, and capture their data for marketing purposes.
  • festival marketing – capture data of festival goers to market too. bring them into your stall, enable them to spread the name of your organisation further via social media marketplaces.
  • party promoting – make your party event ‘live’ with instant sharing online, with a booth, roaming photographers, print on site, and other services. display smartphone photos on live screens around your event.
  • product launch marketing – capture interest and data at the same time on your products and enable those people to spread the word of your products, company or services.
  • charity fundraising – provide fun interactive events and elements into your events to raise awareness of your charity and to help raise funds.

and many more

Our services extend word of mouth marketing to its limits by providing fun interactive activities and experiences at your events. let your guests or the audience at the event raise awareness of what you are doing, of the event itself and of your mission.

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This page is to be updated further…if any of this has whetted your appetite to find out more then contact us

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