PR photography

PR photography London services from Lifetime.

P.R. photography

A new service from Lifetime is PR photography aimed specifically at raising brand awareness, product launches,  branding photography and marketing photography campaigns.

Under a new banner we are creating a new concept in marketing and PR  photography.

We specialise in highly interactive, fun and proven marketing photography.

This page is being written at the moment, and will be complete soon. please let us know you want to discuss our new service, and we’ll be in touch.

We do cover meetings, lectures and media events also, and have done so  for years.


This is a new service to restore brands awareness  in marketplaces, or visually explain your products service, event or company to your target audiences.


For Event Organisers

Create a buzz both at any large event and on social media platforms, whilst your event is in progress.

Choose our photo studio package that provides instantly uploaded images to social media platforms from either our roaming photographers, or our on site studio. We also have a photobooth for standalone events. Ask us which is more applicable to you.

We work with you to get the right solution for your event. Using our or your sponsors also might make this service completely free.

We provide a photographer, artistic director, print station operator, and ipad users ( for social media integration if required)

We can provide photo or video booths.

Each image will have overlays with your and your sponsors information on it to make a massive marketing noise online.

For Sponsors

 Looking for a marketing campaign?

we have a list of events we can enter to sing and dance about your product. Working with festivals, exhibition halls, and other locations we can capture customers data better than anyone else. out there.

whether its sponsoring school photography, to sponsoring large scale photo booths for immediate online photographs and marketing at events such as Glastonbury festival. we can help.

For sponsors promoting their own products.

We can market your product at any event with our specialist video or photo booth solutions.

This will create a buzz about your product and create an interactive experience on your stand, stall or at any venue.

We provide everything from concepts to final reports in the success of the campaign.