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Free Proms and other services!

Proms, Graduation and Ball photography

Lifetime Provide extensive photography services for Proms, Balls, and graduations.

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Prom photographer packages from Lifetime include the following:

  • Personal portraits (pre-prom)
  • Mini studios
  • Photobooths
  • Pre paid prom photography packages
  • Green screen package
  • Video booth
  • Sponsored mini studio’s
  • Free offerings for larger universities and schools


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Why book Lifetime as your prom photographer?

  • For a unique experience, providing excellent quality and a fast service
  • Themed offerings with greenscreen
  • Photobooth hire and  mini studio’s
  • We capture special moments quickly and achieve outstanding results
  • Professional photographers will keep queues to a minimum
  • Substantial student discount
  • Have your photographs taken with no obligation to purchase.
  • Unlimited Prom photography coverage
  • Portrait studio for single portraits and large group portraits
  • Roaming photography (anything fun)
  • Photographs printed and mounted on the night, ready to be taken home
  • Online photo gallery for family and friends to view or purchase from the next day
  • Tag your photos in Facebook
  • DBS certification


It's always the first question!

We offer many variations of prom photography options. from free set up and charge per print on the night. to prepaid deals and photo booths. We also have a new offering which is free prom setup and free printing all night ... this is something you need to call us about! call us on 07500 400 480.

Each event is different but....

We work with you , with the space available and by giving you all the options, and then listening to what you like and would like...nothing is impossible.
We can supply multiple onsite studios..or a team of photographers walking around the venue taking photos randomly and offering email/print/facebook uploads right there and then fromour photographers ipad. we have so many offerings my head call me and let me get it all out of my head!

You mean apart from offering free prom photography?!

We can do so much...and combine things like green screen with paparazzi photographers! the results are unique and amazing. unlike most event photography business' we prefer to be prepaid. this way it frees up your students, and us to enjoy the services we offer. We strongly believe in being part of the entertainment rather than an expense to the students.. ..please call us on 07500400480

Step 1 booking

Step one is booking. we walk throuh the evening with you and explain how we work ... more coming soon

Step 2 posing

We provide an artistic director...otherwise known as a booth butler.

Step 3 awesomeness .

more coming soon please call us whilst our site is being developed.