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School photography service

Lifetime provide school photography services ranging from proms to prospectus photography..

We work with you to ensure consistent quality of photography across the schools’ visual output. providing high impact photography that represents your schools quality and care.

we cover:


Lifetime has mini studios photo booths and can provide staging for whole class shots.

We work with schools to ensure their image is one of high value and shows your professionalism. Whether that is for portraits or prospectus photography.

Your photography represents your school and should be of the highest quality possible.

Lifetime is always looking at the best way to innovate with new ideas and ways to make your school stand out. Give us a call to work with us to provide amazing professional imagery.

School sports photographer

We can cover school sports photography. whether that is sports days, competitions, prospectus photography, or for marketing purposes.

We listen to your views on your school ethos, the story of what you are trying to achieve as a school, and what you wish to project to the outside world, and we encapsulate that in our photography.

a professional image on your website, in school reports, in year books, or as school portraits, are all windows into how your school looks at itself, this will help with building a strong community and attracting the right people to your school.

Extensive range of experience led school photography services.

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Other services we offer

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Customer service concerns the priority an organization assigns to customer service relative to components such as product innovation and pricing.

Metrics and Measurement of Customers

Roaming photographers.

Our specialist team of roaming photographers cover a multitude of tasks from awards ceremonies to birthday parties. We can add many services to this such as print on site etc.

Automated Customer Service

Mini Studios

We can provide mini studios for any event with print on site and social media uploading. great for marketing events, and great for big parties/proms.

Metrics and Measurement of Customers

Photo booths

We have various photobooth packages and can provide all the services you need whether outdoors or indoors to make your event a success

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