School Sports Photographer

school sports photographer 001

Our School sports photographer services are not just the normal sports photography service.

We had an invite to capture some arty images for sports day at a local school. We sent our experienced school sports photographer Samuel, as he has a cool eye for something different.

The uniqueness is not only the quality of the  imagery…but also our method of giving you all this for free.

School sports photographer

Rest assured we took many normal images that we cannot put on here for privacy reasons. We are only showing ones that do not have recognisable faces in.

If you want to see the portfolio…invite us into your school!

school sports photographer

ok..ok so what did we charge for this?

school sports photographer 001

Our school photography packages start at free….that’s right…

Want to know how this can work? again we want a meeting.

There’s no con here. We can do all  this for you for free. We do want something in return though.. so contact us, invite us to a meeting, and find out what we will do for you.


School sports photographer

Image below taken on same day but faces have been blurred for privacy reasons.

One final one for the day. all included in the service. So book your school sports photographer now, and find out if your are eligible for free photography for your school. it really is a genuine offer, and provides more that you can imagine?

school sports photographer