Vehicle photography assignment

A recent Vehicle photography assignment was undertaken by Lifetime

The owner of a beautiful VW Beetle wanted something quick but unique to give as a present to his dad.

We had 3 days to do it!

luckily we knew just the thing, a local fair, gravel bath and fields over some rolling hills.

vehicle photography assignment



We started out taking vehicle photography, in order to learn our craft. and moved into events following this.

We hope you love our final image. now imagine it blown up to 4 foot high and you have some idea of how great this could be as a present!


Another satisfied customer…

Lifetime Event Photography not only cover events, we can co er portraits of people, buildings, or vehicles. we like a challenge!

Our company started out in vehicle photography, and made its way in the world of photography from photographing many peoples vehicles.

We use lot of techniques to make sure your vehicle is photographed in the best possible way. our use of location, lighting and wide angles to make your vehicle pop from the image are all evident in the above vehicle photograph.

We have done lots of these shoots and please browse our site for more vehicle photography.